Personality and Skill Development

What is Personality Development ?

It is a course in which a person works on those factors of Personality which are very important in today’s world to grow.

Why is a Personality Development Course required ?

PD Course is required when a person can not assimilate properly in Social & Professional life with masses & classes.

What are the General Objectives of a PD Course ?
  • Developing a quality in a person which is missing or not up to the mark.
  • Make the person more confident about himself / herself
  • Nurture those qualities which will make him/her more Social.
  • Re-telling a Lecture
  • He / She should be able to face New people or a group of people efficiently.
  • He / She should be able to mix up in new environment easily.
How do you come to know whether you need a PD course or not ?

If a person feels any of the below challenges, it reflects the need of a Personality Development Training.

  • You feel nerves when you meet new people.
  • You are out of words in front of new people.
  • You find excuses to go away from people who outsmart you.
  • You feel that you are not good enough.
  • You feel that people laugh at you or will laugh at you.
  • You stammer or stutter while speaking publicly.
  • You are out of thoughts when you speak.
  • You feel hesitant in formal conversations.
  • You become conscious about your looks & dressing sense.
  • You face problem while expressing yourself in front of a group.
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What can you do now ?
  • Talk to someone about the issues and challenges you feel you have.
  • Get your personality Evaluated.
  • Work on your weak areas
  • Practice the exercise required for you.
  • Fix the issues and acquire the Social Skills.
How does Team Axan helps you with PD Course ?
  • Personalized Attention – Personalized attention
    Thorough understanding Of Your Personality
  • Frequent speaking session – Special sessions for students facing challenge in expressing themselves.
  • Grammar Help- Special Batches for correcting Grammar & General English.
  • Flexible Timing – Special Batches available for working professionals.