The benefits of study abroad are countless. It is important for everyone to be successful personally, intellectually and professionally. In the modern age of globalization, it’s today’s demand of becoming a ‘global citizen’ and accumulating pure professional skills as well as modern technologies in this competitive world. So, abroad study helps to develop new perspectives on academic subjects and real-world issues, achieve proficiency in a foreign language, experience personal growth and develop valuable career skills such as: critical thinking and problem solving, independence and self confidence, teamwork and communication, motivation and leadership, flexibility and adaptability


Being a pioneer institution of  Nepal, we feel our keen responsibility to strengthen the probability of enrollment of Nepalese students in Foreign land empowering them with effective counseling, documentation and entrance or language preparation in Nepal. We have targeted to guide authentic information on abroad study and provide them a right guidance toward their future career for higher education in foreign land. We believe that right information to right person in right time lead the way to success and NILTI is always aware to flow the right information for abroad study to the mass of students in Nepal.